Castlemeats BBQ Catering Wedding Menu


1. Authentic Italian Bruschetta – Featuring Ripe Red Tomatoes, Basil & Garlic on Golden Toasted French Bread

2. Vol Au Vont Appetizers – Puff Pastry Vol Au Vont cases filled with a creamy smoked salmon filling

Main Course

1. Grilled dry ages seasoned rib eye steak cooked over hot charcoal

2. BBQ salmon darnes with lemon & herb marinade

3. BBQ slow cooked belly of pork with crackling served with homemade apple sauce

All of the above served with large baked potato salad & mixed leaves salad

4. Marinade butterfly filled of chicken breast

All of the above served with a large Baked Potato, Crunchy Homemade Coleslaw , Mixed Salad Leaves & Salad Dressing.


1. Cheese Cake – selection includes Lemon – Baileys – Strawberry – Oreo

2. Homemade Apple Tart & freshly whipped cream

3. Chocolate fudge

How much does it cost?

€30 per head and choice of two meats
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