Home Cooked Dinners

-€12.50 per head

1. Slow Roast Silverside of beef served with homemade mash puree, roast potatoes, mixed veg & homemade gravy
2. Chefs homemade curry served on a bed of steamed rice
3. Ham & Mushroom Chicken Vol Au Vont served in a creamy white wine sauce
4 Traditional Beef or Lamb Stew
5. Freshly Baked Lasagne & Cottage Pie
6 Traditional honey glazed bacon & Cabbage

All options can be served with steamed rice, roast potatoes, mash puree mixed veg & homemade gravy

Cooked Meat Platters

1. Slow roasted silverside of beef platter
2. Honey Roast home cooked ham platter
3. Crown Breast of Turkey platter plain / stuffed


– €5.00
1. Homemade Cheese Cake
2. Chocolate Fudge Cake & Cream
3. Apple Tart / Apple Crumble